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Coral Fruit picks with stand (6 pcs)

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8 CM X 5 CM X 16 CM

Fancy Fork Set to Eat Your Fruits: Coral fruit fork set is a brightly coloured stand which has six slots for the forks to be placed in. These forks are highly useful in eating cut fruits and fruit salads. The forks are multi-coloured, so you don’t mix them up in your regular cutlery. Also, because of their bright colours, they appeal to kids and you won’t have any problem in getting them to eat their fruits. When you have guests at home, serve them cut fruits in a fancy bowl and these colourful fruit forks. They will not only enjoy eating the fruits with them, but also appreciate your taste in cutlery.

Good Decorative Piece for Your Table: The coral fruit set is not only functional but also visually appealing. When you are not using it, this set makes for a beautiful table top. The colours are eye-catchy and render your table a cutesy charm.