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About Us

In the summer of 2016, Mr & Mrs. Khanna visited London and Paris on a holiday. While London had always been their most favourite city in the world, it was their first visit to Paris, and as a newly married couple they fell in love with the beautiful and the most romantic city in the world. Every street and every nook and corner was just so pretty and charming, every café and every store window was a pleasure to just walk past. From the stunning Eiffel Tower to the cute patisseries to the winding cobblestone streets decked with colourful flowers on the pavements, taking in Paris after majestic London was a real treat of a time. So one day when they were enjoying the sunset in a café, sitting on a street facing the river, sipping on their evening tea and coffee while munching on some delicious macaroons and cupcakes piled up on their cake stand, when the missus said “I wish I could take some of Paris back home with me”. To which the mister replied, “And I wish I could take some of London back home as well.” 

And from there, in that very same café, in that moment, they came up with the idea of a brand that is a tribute to the timeless Vintage beauty of these two grand cities. A brand that resonates with being classic yet modern, being luxurious yet affordable, being pretty and precious, being chic and unique, a brand for the lovers of vintage and whimsical things; and that is how Prerna and Karan Khanna founded “A Vintage Affair”! 

At “A Vintage Affair” we’re excited to bring back the charm and elegance of a golden era gone by! 

Inspired from French design, European architecture, vintage British tea party culture, and even from the mesmerizing streets of Paris, every home décor piece we curate brings with it everlasting beauty and affordable luxury.  

We can’t wait for you to start your vintage journey with us, and to make your home and personal space a truly wonderful one.   

Our products don’t just elevate your décor at home or work but they also make for some amazing gifting!

We launched our brand in the beginning of 2017 by selling online on the biggest marketplaces and then went on to launch our own e-commerce website in 2018, and today we are present in over 10 online marketplaces and 25 retail stores across 8 cities in India. 

We have curated gifts and worked with corporates for events, seminars and conferences, we have collaborated with wedding planners and done bridal gift hampers, wedding giveaways and baby shower giveaways. Our vast and ever increasing product range offers gifting options for various occasions. So whenever you celebrate we are there with you and there for you. 

“A Vintage Affair” – for your love of everything Vintage!!! 

Prerna and Karan Khanna: Founders of A Vintage Affair