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Hearts Door Mat - Brown

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Sand and White
40 CM X 60CM

The Hearts Non Slip Printed Nylon Floormat 40cmX60cm is a girly style for all the ladies out there, so they can enjoy its utility and decorative benefits together. Place it at your home entrance, your bedroom entrance, by your bedside, in your bath room as a bathroom mat or in your kitchen at the door or under the sink. This piece will definitely 'fancy' up your home and catch some eye balls.

Matz&More 100% Nylon carpets have numerous benefits, making them an ideal choice for the home. They will brighten up your home, adding colour and character to it. Our carpets have a built in non slip technology, do not damage easily or get crushed, are highly water absorbent, easy to clean, and fast drying. Whoever said you can't put art on your floor, was wrong! We pride ourselves in our design and constantly experiment with beautiful ranges of modern, contemporary, and classic styles to make our carpets great for home decor. At the same time, we keep all our carpets and mats very affordable so that you can enjoy them in your homes but keep your pockets intact. All our products are made to withstand lots of foot traffic, and so remain resilient even in high traffic areas of your home.

  • •Fabric Care: Hand wash or Vacuum recommended. Wash the top carpet portion with a sponge and soap. Wipe the bottom latex gel portion with a wet cloth. Do not dry in sun for too long to prevent the gel from drying up. Air carpet routinely to lengthen the life of the bottom gel.